Buy Art 2 Save Farms: Annual Art Sale to benefit local farmland conservation October 8 | Community News

CAMBRIDGE, NY – Buying art will save farms with a purchase from Landscapes for Landsake.

Since 1990, the Agricultural Stewardship Association has worked to accomplish a single mission: to protect the farms and forests, rich soils and agricultural landscape of Washington and Rensselaer counties for future generations. During this time, ASA has managed to retain over 28,000 acres across 158 properties. Over the past 20 years, a significant source of funding has come from Landscapes for Landsake Art Sale and Exhibition, a celebration of the land by our community of local artists.

Landscapes for Landsake is the region’s biggest art buying event of the season and the ASA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Participating artists generously donate 50% of their proceeds to support ASA’s conservation work. This year’s exhibition features the work of 61 artists. Approximately 250 works of art will be on display in the Maple Ridge barn, and more than 650 works will be available at www.Landscapes Many artists will be on hand to discuss their work at the in-person event on October 8-9.

The in-person sale opens from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 8 at the historic Maple Ridge Barn (172 State Route 372 in Cambridge). Admission is $10. Walk-ins are welcome or reserve a timeslot with a ticket in advance at The gallery is also open from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 9, free of charge. Wine will be available by the glass on Saturday.

The online sale will be available from October 8 to 31 at The website features elegantly curated collections of each artist, biographies, videos and more, accessible from the comfort of their home.

This year’s featured artist is Tracy Helgeson from Cooperstown, NY. Her work draws heavily from the landscape, as well as the barns, structures, roads, and farm scenes that surround her home. “I often paint the same scenes over and over again, taking great comfort in depicting the familiar as well as noting the small changes that occur over time in my surroundings. Yet within this framework of the familiar, the beginning of each painting brings me the exciting challenge of finding new ways to express what I see and feel,” says Tracy.

Tracy strives for simplicity in her work; in color, form, composition and subject. However, complexities inevitably find their way through texture, handwritten elements, and small painted details. His painting, “On Top of the Hill” is featured on posters and postcards throughout the region and in Maple Ridge. “On Top of the Hill” was chosen as the featured work because it exemplifies the spirit of the show. “Tracy has an innate ability to take the ordinary and make it magical,” says Klara Varosy, curator of this year’s exhibit and resident of Salem, NY.

Renee Bouplon, Executive Director of ASA, explains: “This event celebrates the connection between art and the landscapes we work to protect. This is what makes Landscapes for Landsake so special. The success of this event had a huge impact on ASA’s ability to protect local farms.”

This year’s performers include: Laurie Alberts, Deborah Bayly, Susan Beadle, Gigi Begin, John Begin, Seth Butler, Marilyn Cavallari, Eden Compton Clay, Susan Coon, Huseyin Erdogan, Yucel Erdogan, Janine Gibson, Laurie Goodhart, Tracy Helgeson, Ali Herrmann, Ghetta Hirsch, Conard Holton, Margaret Horn, Carolyn Justice, Tom Kerr, Clarence King, Rose Klebes, Serena Kovalosky, Katie Langford, Matthew Lerman, Pamela Marron, Courtney McCloskey, Naomi Meyer, Sharon Miller, Robert Moylan, Lynne Oddo , Clifford Oliver, Harry Orlyk, Dave Ostrowski, Leslie Parke, Leslie Peck, Joan Piekny, Mark Pohl, Terry Preisner, James Rodewald, Tom Ryan, Melissa Schlobohm, Michael Scupholm, Rita Seiko Payne, Laura Shore, Pam Short, Anne Sutherland, Diane Swanson, Marguerite Takvorian-Holmes, Terry Teitelbaum, Janine Thomas, Mark Tougias, George Van Hook, Hannie Eisma Varosy, Diane Veros, Frank Vurraro, Catherine Wagner Minnery. Takeyce Walter, Regina Wickham, Ken Wilson and Gregory Wing.

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