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DIAMOND, Mo. – A youth organization is seeking funding to keep a Scout reserve open.

On Thursday, the Boy Scouts of America Ozark Trails Council declined an unsolicited offer on the Frank Childress Scout reservation at Diamond.

The Ozark Trails Council explored how to fund the council’s contribution to the Survivors Compensation Trust.

The money would be used to settle an ongoing lawsuit against the National Boy Scouts Association.

The council is looking for ways to repay its part of the settlement, which would cost less than $ 3,000,000.

Last May, the Frank Childress Scout Reservation celebrated its 60th anniversary.

He serves boys and Girl Scouts in all four states.

Eric Degruson, chair of the Childress Properties committee, says: “This is the place where all the Boy Scouts come together locally. It is the heart and soul of the local scouting program. And this is where Scouts learn what the Scout program is and become better leaders, better citizens. And just a big part of the scouting program here.

He says the board will hold another meeting on Aug. 19 where they will assess options and look for ways to pay for the settlement.

The reserve accepts pledges to save the camp by putting it in trust to prevent it from being sold in the future.

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