“Why Nigeria Should Tap into the $65 Billion Global Art Market”

A director at Patrons, an art consultancy and concession firm, Keturah Ovio, says Nigeria has the capacity to tap into the $65.1 billion global art market.

Ovio said so yesterday in a chat with reporters ahead of his upcoming miniature art exhibition titled ‘Small is beautiful’, which is set to take place July 30-31 in Lagos.

According to her, “The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report 2022 puts the size of the global market at $65.1 billion. Consequently, the Nigerian art industry has matured so much that works by artists from the country are exhibited in various parts of the world, including London, Paris, Rome, New York, Valencia and Berlin, which are often regarded as artistic cities in the world. world.

“Also, Nigerians are quite creative and can make something out of nothing. All we need is to make sure that we are able to participate in world exhibitions with our works,” she said.

On the benefits of tapping into the market to raise dwindling government revenues.

“It is important for Nigeria to tap into the sector as it is a big industry that can help shore up our revenues. When Nigerians travel out of the country, they visit art galleries, attend exhibitions, and visit museums. They spend the foreign currency to see and monitor what we already have locally,” she added.

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