Whidbey Art Market returns November 26-27

The creator behind a Nov. 26-27 market showcasing artwork hopes shoppers see value in buying locally this holiday season.

Earlier this year, painter and photographer Kim Tinuviel invited Whidbey artists to join the Whidbey Art Market, which hosted a series of pop-up events at different locations across the island. The opportunities provided an opportunity for the rotating cast of artists to generate lost revenue during the pandemic.

This month’s event is the fourth of its kind and will highlight works of art by 15 different artists, including sculpture, jewelry, basketry and textiles. Snacks will be on sale at Acorn Bakery.

For the stone sculptor Alexandra Morosco, this will be her first presentation at the Whidbey Art Market, which falls by chance on her birthday.

“My hope for this show is to meet new people and share with people images of the memorial work that I have really focused on,” she said.

Morosco is known internationally for her large-scale stone creations, but many people ignore her existence on Whidbey since her work does not appear in many galleries.

Recently, she has turned to what she calls “heirloom coins”, mementos of deceased people. But she also worked on commissioned sculptures commemorating births and marriages.

“It fills this whole cycle of life,” she said. “And I love that.”

She will bring a collection of figurative and abstract works to the upcoming Whidbey Art Market.

“This is a great opportunity to see some art that you might not see in some of the other galleries,” she said.

Abstract artist Barbara Mosher, meanwhile, has been part of the Whidbey Art Market since its inception. The former industrial designer has seen her own style of art evolve over the decades.

“A lot of artists stick with their style,” she said. “That, for me, doesn’t fuel my creative process.”

His recent works include eclectic and colorful arrangements of famous figures including Marilyn Monroe, William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein.

She will bring a series of small square abstract paintings, scarves and bags printed with her work and hand painted Christmas decorations to the Whidbey Art Market.

“Everyone is so rewarding, even if you’re not selling anything,” she said. “It’s just a wonderful environment with other artists and people who appreciate art.”

This month’s Whidbey Art Market will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, November 26 and Saturday, November 27 at Freeland Hall, located at 1515 Shoreview Dr. Masks and social distancing are required.

Visit whidbeyartmarket.com for more information.

Alexandra Morosco polishes a bronze sculpture titled “Nurturing the Raven”. This is a cast of a sculpture she made about 20 years ago. (Photo by Kira Erickson / South Whidbey Record)

A series of small square abstract paintings by Barbara Mosher will be available for sale at the upcoming Whidbey Art Market.  (Photo provided)

A series of small square abstract paintings by Barbara Mosher will be available for sale at the upcoming Whidbey Art Market. (Photo provided)

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