Watertown Free Public Library embraces the power of zines


On October 2, the Watertown Free Public Library will host the WFPL Zine Fest, a day-long celebration of DIY zine culture and publishing. Whether you are a die-hard zinesters fan or just want to know what zines are and why they are important, the Library invites you to browse the market, attend conferences and experience the brand new collection of zines in circulation. .

If you ask “What is a fanzine?” ” it’s good. Zines are easier to describe than to define. These are handmade DIY magazines that come in all shapes, sizes, and formats. Many are handwritten, photocopied and stapled, while others are professionally printed.

The preferred medium of punks, the Riot Grrrl movement, and superfan subcultures, zines have thrived in various forms for decades. But you won’t find zines in most bookstores, so why would a public library have a zine festival?

“Zines are an important way to support and empower marginalized voices,” said Carey Conkey-Finn, coordinator of WFPL Zine Fest. “It’s also a way for people to build community and share ideas that don’t typically appear in the traditional publishing industry.

“Our goal is to provide a place for zines and the ideas of their creators to be represented in our collections. We believe they belong to the library.

The main event of the WFPL Zine Fest will be the Zine Marketplace, welcoming 30 zinester vendors from near and far, showcasing and selling their work in the library’s largest meeting room. Throughout the day there will also be small group discussions on mental health and zines, integrating her identity through zines, zines as a source of empowerment and the story of the publishing scene. independent from the 80s / 90s in Boston.

Want to be part of the creative process? People of all ages will have the option of creating their own zine or working collaboratively in the Zine Hive.

In the weeks leading up to the festival, the Watertown Free Public Library will launch an outstanding zine collection, with over 700 titles from local zinesters and national zine distributors. WFPL Zine Fest is a way to highlight these new materials while encouraging attendees to get involved and submit their own work to the collection.

“Zines can tell the story of a place or the story of a people, and we want to preserve a part of Watertown that is currently not reflected in our collection of local history,” said Conkey-Finn. . “You don’t have to be a zinester to attend a zine festival. People of all ages and types are welcome to browse, listen and be inspired.

For more information and to RSVP, visit http://watertownlib.org/zinefest. The Watertown Free Public Library is located at 123 Main Street and is accessible by public transportation. Masks are mandatory for all persons 2 years and older inside the library. If you have any questions about Zine Fest or would like to participate, contact [email protected]

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