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Print is not dead. Serious digital media improves its image and is taken more seriously (don’t call it blogging) when it also comes in a shiny (or matte) physical form that you can hold in your hands. Hodinkee does it, Gear Patrol does it … What more do you need to prove that a print magazine is a natural outgrowth of growing online publications. One of our favorite websites for watch enthusiasts, Watchonista, announces the first volume of its new biannual magazine.

Watchonista: Volume 1, as its first issue is named, comes 11 years after the company was founded in 2009 in Switzerland and is a milestone in its growth. It’s 120 pages, filled mostly with the kind of great watch content Watchonista is known for, with “ninety-nine percent of the images and one hundred percent of the text” produced by Watchonista itself. . It also includes a new type of content in a section called “The Lounge by Watchonista” on staff “adjacent to the watch” interests such as cigars, spirits, books and more.

The challenge of producing print media looks like a whole different box of worms for those who grew up in digital media, but it often becomes the site of big idea stories, collaborative efforts, and higher levels of design. and production. Plus, it gives a post the chance to show off its best work and fans to interact with it in new ways. Such enthusiast-specific magazines, geared towards those with a collector’s mindset anyway, can become collectibles themselves.

Just as Watchonista does not sell watches or anything, the magazine will not be for sale, and cannot even be ordered on the site. You will need to locate it in person at certain partners including all American Omega stores, Wempe Fifth Avenue, Watches of Switzerland, Mayors, Topper Jewelers and others. To find out where to get your hands on a copy, click the “Find Magazine” button on the website.


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