‘Votercade’ in Waynesboro aims to increase voter turnout in the city


WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) – On Saturday, members of several organizations organized a motorcade and drove through Waynesboro to encourage people to vote early before Election Day on November 2.

Members of the Charlottesville Alumni Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority joined with the Waynesboro NAACP for a procession encouraging residents of low voter turnout areas to come out and vote.

“We hope to galvanize people to let them know they can vote early and that their vote counts today. We are focusing on neighborhoods A and C especially in Waynesboro, ”said Cassandra Copeland, one of the former members.

Neighborhoods A and C are two of four Waynesboro polling stations that typically have the lowest turnout in the city.

“It’s very important that we take the time and exercise our voting rights, also encourage others who may not have that option to come out, and so we kind of want to reach out to them,” Joyce Colemon said. , President of the Waynesboro NAACP. .

Participants in the “Votercade” provided information about the Waynesboro polling stations and helped residents determine where they would need to go to vote.

“I want people to know that their vote counts and that their vote counts. It doesn’t matter what political affiliation you are associated with. We encourage everyone to go out and vote today, ”said Cassandra Copeland.

The Waynesboro NAACP provides means for people to get to polling stations and works with a number of organizations to help people from across the community get to vote.

“We have sent information to various other organizations and churches and to people in general, to members, let’s help each other, to the community, to unity in the community,” said Joyce Colemon.

Thousands of people across the valley have already voted early, here’s a look at the numbers as of Saturday, October 23.

Harrisonburg: 2,450 early votes

Rockingham County: 5,501 early votes

Augusta County: 5,697 early votes

Staunton: 2,718 early votes

Waynesboro: 2,275 early votes

The last day to vote earlier is Saturday, October 30.

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