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As part of his presentation Tuesday by Mike Martin, Director of Community Engagement and Outreach at the General George Patton Museum, Radcliff Small Business Alliance President Terry Shortt referred to the removal of armor exhibits that once graced the lawn of the museum campus.

When the U.S. Army moved the force’s Armored Division to Fort Benning, Ga., The exhibit moved with it.

Thanking Shortt for the background and introduction, Martin, a retired US Army veteran, said it saved him the hassle of talking about “bad days.”

“Let’s move on, because I think a lot of times in life you hit a point and have to clear that slate and start moving forward. If we stay in the past, we will never get nowhere in the future.

Instead, Martin focused on the economic impact that Fort Knox’s tourist feature is bringing to the community, especially since it reopened in April after months of closure due to the pandemic and, before that, remodeling.

From April to Tuesday, Martin said 27,990 visitors visited the museum.

Calling it the “farewell gift” from Major General John Evans, Martin said the opening of the museum’s US 31W doors brought the number of visitors in July to 6,000.

“It just capitalizes on the opening of this entrance,” he said, adding that July was the first month the door was open full time.

Outside of July, the museum receives an average of 4,000 visitors per month, of which 55 to 60 percent identify as tourists, Martin said.

“It just shows you the level (the museum has) to bring people to the area,” he said.

In 2022, 57,000 to 62,000 museum staff will visit the museum.

“It’s a lot of these people who come to the area,” he said, adding that they will buy gasoline, buy food, shop and possibly stay in hotels during their visit.

Some of those visitors come to the museum for lectures, which causes them to stay in local hotels and eat at local restaurants, Martin said.

If a conference seeks to nurture attendees, Martin said he often refers them to local caterers.

“It’s one of those great ways to help the community,” he said. “We keep our local money. “

Martin also said the museum directs tour groups to other local tourist attractions, including the Boundary Oak Distillery and Red Hill Cutlery with the American Pocketknife Museum.

“It’s just these little things that we do,” he said. “It also helps the community while we help the museum.”

Even the fundraising bricks outside the museum are now carved locally rather than in Florida, Martin said.

In order for the museum to continue helping the community, Martin asked members of the alliance to consider supporting the Patton Museum Foundation’s campaign to support the Patton Museum Foundation, which runs through December 31. The campaign offers different levels of sponsorship, which can give business owners advertising space on the museum. digital displays.

“Some questions that I hear regularly…: where should I stay? “” What else is there to do? And ‘Where can I go to eat?’ “he said.” So this is a great opportunity for you to get this information (output). “

To contribute to the support campaign, visit

Martin said support can also come from engaging social media or supporting partnerships through businesses that sell items to benefit the museum foundation.

The General George Patton Museum is open 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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