Texarkana Main Street program recognized by a national organization


TEXARKANA – Main Street Texarkana has just received official recognition from the national Main Street organization. According to Ina McDowell, Managing Director of Main Street Texarkana, this process should be done annually. “The National Main Street Organization sets the model that state and level Main Street organizations follow in their efforts to revitalize their downtown areas,” McDowell said. “We all follow a four point approach in our efforts, which we record and send to state level organizations. They in turn send the recommendation to the national level.”

Main Street Texarkana, being a two-state organization, must go through this process for Texas and Arkansas. The four points assessed include:

The organization’s efforts to promote the city center.

Demonstrations of organizational structure and support.

Design, that is, buildings in the city center follow the recommendation of the national organization for the presentation of historic city centers.

Economic vitality, encouraging retention and growth of business activity.

“To be a Main Street community, we need to be accredited with this organization,” McDowell said. . “

Texarkana has resisted throughout the challenges of 2020; downtown was no exception.

“We stayed strong last year,” McDowell said. “We were very lucky. Things look good for this year as well. Downtown Live has been great, with people showing up despite the rain. It bodes well for the rest of the year.”

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