Teton Mudpots Summer Art Sale

JACKSON, Wyoming — Teton Mudpots are back!

Today and tomorrow, the Art Association is hosting its popular two-day Teton Mudpots Summer Sale.

The sidewalk sale features pottery, prints, paintings, jewelry and more from artists who create in the Art Association studios.

Many different forms of clay are available including cups, mugs, bowls of various sizes, plates, trays, pitchers, jars, fermenting crockpots, and sculptures.

The ever-popular low-cost pottery racks with prices starting at $3 are also in abundance and filled with small cups, bowls and unique shapes.

Also on sale are small works by visual artists, including original oil and acrylic on canvas; watercolour, photographs and monotypes on paper.

The event takes place outside the Ceramics Studio and in the Arts Center’s Glenwood parking lot from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Photos: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

Caroline Chapman is a community news reporter. She enjoys reading non-fiction, skiing, hiking, and playing the piano in her spare time. Her favorite aspect of life in Jackson is the genuine admiration the people of Wyoming share for the land and the life it supports.

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