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It’s a return to in-person classes, events and more for organizations that are part of student life.

For many organizations, the temporary return to in-person classes and the loosening of mask mandates means they can pick up where they left off before the pandemic and plan their semesters’ events and activities for their respective organizations.

The Programming Activities Council (PAC) is responsible for many of the events held on campus and seems to have its hands full for the semester.

“Returning from last year, our main goal is to really engage students,” said CPC President Mattie Kolb.

Over the past year, PAC has helped organize smaller almost daily events for students to get out of during COVID-19; a challenge for its members. Although their annual spring concert has been canceled for the past two years as a precaution, they are looking to pick up the pace with their fall concert on September 11.

“We are super excited; we’re going to introduce Surfaces, ”Kolb said. “The content will be different from what we have seen in the past. Typically, students always vote for more of this kind of rap. So to bring that little more vibe, a little more chill music, it’s just going to be a different crowd.

PAC is also bringing back Pack the Stands, a halftime game show at certain sporting events. They’re also planning to bring back Pack the Pub, an event where students can hang out at a local bar – however, this one is still ongoing.

The Cultural Inclusion Council (CIC) is also returning this semester with positions of coordinator and deputy coordinator for each branch filled for the first time in years.

“This year we finally have a full CIC,” said Nayeli Hernandez, CIC communications manager. “At the moment, we are only focusing on building our alliances individually. “

CIC consists of the Black Student Alliance, the International Student Alliance, the Polynesian Ho’olokahi Alliance, the Latino Student Alliance, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and the Alliance Native American students.

The Native American Student Alliance (NASA) returned last semester after being inactive for a few years, and is looking to increase membership this semester.

Students of any identification can join any alliance they wish.

“You don’t have to be from that certain culture to attend any of the alliance meetings or be a member of anything, everyone is more than welcome,” Hernandez said.

One of the largest organizations on campus, the Associated Student Government (ASG) is also entering the semester looking for student opportunities.

“ASG’s plans for this semester are to continue building on the foundation that has been laid for us,” said ASG President Jay Shearrow.

Last year, the previous student administration navigated the pandemic and set the example that this year seems to follow.

“This year is uniquely important as it presents new opportunities to partner with a new university administration,” said Shearrow.

Former CMU president Tim Foster resigned in June, leaving the post to former vice president of student services John Marshall.

“It goes without saying that this year is unique due to the transition to a fully in-person environment. The definition of “normal” has changed, ”Shearrow said. “ASG plans to take the things we’ve learned from the pandemic and put them forward to build a more collaborative CMU. We challenge ASG members to become more involved in the student clubs and organizations we represent. We know we will serve more students by bringing ASG, clubs and organizations together in a collaborative effort.

ASG’s plans for the year include mental health and food insecurity initiatives through its Swipe Out Hunger program.

“ASG will also help students through this representation at the state level. Student [Aaron] Administrator Reed and I sit on advisory bodies that directly influence the state legislature, ”said Shearrow. “If the students have any comments or ideas on what they would like Administrator Reed and I to bring to the discussion during these sessions, we would love to hear them. “

Many other student life organizations including the club advisory board, sustainability board and many others are also navigating the interim return to campus life by keeping an eye on events, growth and more.

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