Some businesses and organizations are following in Milwaukee’s footsteps by dropping mask requirements


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – It’s an exciting day for casino fans, baseball fans and concert fanatics. A number of Milwaukee businesses and organizations followed in the city’s footsteps, also dropping mask requirements on Tuesday, June 1.

“I think it’s going to be fantastic, really it’s about time,” Brewers fan David Smith said.

It’s been a long time since thousands of vaccinated fans have finally been able to attend a Brewers baseball game without a mask. Brewers officials say whatever steps they’ve taken to keep fans safe in the past are what got them to where they are today.

“The last game I was here was in the 2019 National League Championship Series and I mean no mask, nothing, and COVID wasn’t a thing back then, so it feels good to be back.” said Brewers fan Nolan Strang.

“They got us to a point where we can do it safely, we’re very confident in that. The response from fans was very much in favor of no longer requiring masks for fully vaccinated fans, ”said Tyler Barnes, senior vice president of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Some entertainment and concert venues are also following the city’s lead in no longer requiring masks for fully vaccinated people.

“As the city lifted its mandate as a mask, we thought a lot about how we were going to handle this and decided to follow in their footsteps,” said Ryan Amundson, public relations manager at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.

In addition to no longer making masks mandatory, the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino has also opened all of its slots, giving customers a little taste of life before the pandemic.

“It brings a level of comfort, it brings a level of normality back to operations here, but we still have a long way to go,” adds Amundson.

With the mask mandate and restrictions lifted in the city, Pabst Theater Group sees concert ticket sales skyrocket.

“We’ve had huge sales on the shows we’ve put on,” said Gary Witt, CEO of Pabst Theater Group.

Independent sites have been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic.

You know we’re happy to be able to open again, ”Witt said. “We paid a huge price to be closed. “

“Summer is starting to look pretty normal, we’re very happy with that,” says Barnes.

The Brewers say making masks optional is just one of their milestones towards getting back to normal. The next step is to open at full capacity, which they say will happen on Friday, June 25.

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