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The world of social media has changed so much over the past few years that it has become difficult to stay on top of the game. The only sure-fire way to do it is for digital marketers to correctly identify and capitalize on the next major trend.

The social media revolution has very well invaded all other communication media. In the past, social media has been the voice of the public and has been the vehicle for mass movements. Now questions are being asked on social media and the answer should also be broadcast specifically to the social media audience, until this is done no matter what is successfully resolved.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has changed established modes of communication and business, has also changed the landscape of social media before our eyes. Above all, investing and decentralizing can be the blueprint for the future of social media.

It’s reasonable that many people are initially wary of decentralized social media sites. After all, many social media users are unlikely to trust traditional social media sites that don’t have a clear owner, given that we still live in an age of great centralization. It can also be difficult to envision a new type of social media platform, as there is now no convenient way for a user to secure coins or income on mainstream networks.

Maharashtra-based social media analyst Ajeet Gunwant Parse recalls the public’s excitement and indulgence on social media when channels were limited and the idea of ​​showcasing the lifestyle was relatively new.

He is a distinct reminder that people would heavily generate content rather than consume it. The charm of social media was a lot like a newly discovered song, now people have become consumers first than producers. Studies suggest that while more people are entering social media networks, a smaller percentage of users are actively creating and sharing content.

The numbers according to Ajeet Gunwant Parse are so shocking that they might make you question your social media presence, but he’s sure social media is here to stay. According to Mr. Parse, the era of the cyber century is different from before. Now entertainment, business, education, finance, politics and almost every other industry is under one roof which we call “social media”.

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