Sacramento organizations respond to Bill Cosby’s release


“The survivors were definitely feeling the impact. You know, frustrated, angry, saddened, ”Jaime Gerigk explained.

SACRAMENTO, Calif .– Bill Cosby’s release from prison is not just a technical failure of the justice system. It is deeply felt by survivors of sexual assault. Representatives of local organizations working to end sexual violence speak out about what this moment means to them.

Jaime Gerigk is the Program Manager at WEAVE, the leading provider of crisis intervention services in Sacramento County.

“The survivors were definitely feeling the impact. You know, frustrated, angry, saddened, ”explained Gerigk.

John L. Finley is the Policy Officer at ValorUS, an organization committed to promoting equity and ending sexual violence.

“Our reaction was really ‘Wow.’ We have to find and re-imagine how we can take care of the survivors, ”Finley said.

He wanted the survivors to know that his organization is there for them.

“The first thing I’ll say is that we believe you. It’s not your fault. And we will continue to be a place where survivors are supported, believed and cared for, ”Finley said.

Gerigk explained that Bill Cosby’s release from prison can be a trigger.

“It can make survivors feel what they felt after the sexual assault. Not to be believed and fear that the criminal justice system will fail them, ”said Gerigk.

Finley said the justice system cannot give survivors what they need.

“It was never really meant to deal with the harm and trauma suffered by victims of sexual violence. And it continues to prove why survivors cannot count on him to provide the safety, healing and justice they need, ”he explained.

He added that everyone must share the solution.

“Our expectations of what the criminal justice system can offer must change and we must take responsibility as individuals, as a community and as a society to maintain this healthy and safe environment where people will not be subjected. to this kind of abuse. That’s what lies ahead, ”Finley said.

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