Rouxbe makes online culinary training free


Rouxbe, the leading online cooking school, recently released a course, Kitchen QuickStart, which focuses on cooking fundamentals to support and complement the immediate culinary training needs of restaurants, as well as providing aspiring cooks with a springboard to employment in the food industry.

Today, the announced 10-hour Kitchen QuickStart training course will be immediately available for free. The offer comes as the industry struggles to find qualified personnel to meet its needs in a post-pandemic reality.

“We developed Kitchen QuickStart as an affordable way for restaurants to effectively train their staff when they return to work, and we quickly realized the need for the program was greater than we anticipated,” Scott said. Samuel, vice-president of the kitchen at Rouxbe. . “We talk to so many restaurant and hotel owners who were hit hard last year, and now that things are improving, staffing has become a real issue. In addition to the free kitchen safety course we offered at the start of the pandemic, offering this course for free is a small way to give back to an industry that has suffered this year. “

The course includes 14 key lessons that range from using a chef’s knife and roasting vegetables to the basics of dressing and poultry. There are over 50 instructional videos, with knowledge tests after each section. Upon completion, students will be familiar with a variety of cooking methods, ingredients, and cooking terminology that will help them get started.

Access to the course can be found on Rouxbe’s website.

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