Rey’s “Lost Beauty II” Solo Exhibition Set to Open at Buffalo Museum of Science


Paintings by distinguished SUNY professor Alberto Rey of the Department of Visual Arts and New Media will be featured in “Lost Beauty II: The Art of Museum Stories,” a special two-month exhibition that opens Saturday, October 16 at the Buffalo Museum. science.

“Lost Beauty” will present a selection of 15 pieces from the museum’s vast collection. These small fragments inspired Mr. Rey, and through his paintings he asks the audience to look beyond the scale, label or fragment and appreciate the lost beauty within. A book accompanies the project.

“I have always loved science and art and this project was a wonderful opportunity to explore and showcase some of the little ‘lost’ gems in the museum’s vast collection,” noted Rey.

“While museums can house artefacts and specimens from all times and places, it’s the way these objects inspire others that really makes them valuable,” said Kathy Leacock, Associate Director of the museum. “The same object or specimen invokes something different in each of us. The Buffalo Museum of Science has over 750,000 objects and artifacts in its collection – but why these objects? What can they tell us? Why should they count? And how does safeguarding these collections improve our understanding of the world around us? “

blue spotted salamander painting
Rey painting of the blue spotted salamander.

Each of the 15 objects is accompanied by a large painting of Rey. One object in particular – a 20th-century hand-woven basket that measures only a few millimeters in diameter – comes to life in a four-foot painting. Some objects have never been exhibited to the public before. An exhibit catalog will accompany the exhibit that details the history of the Buffalo Museum of Science, the process of creating the works of art, and the stories about each of the artifacts.

“We are delighted to finally be able to present this beautiful, carefully organized exhibition. “Lost Beauty II” highlights the importance of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences (BSNS) as a collecting institution. Alberto Rey’s paintings help us tell the rich stories that make these objects important – stories that, without such careful inspection and context, can easily go unnoticed at first glance, ”said Marisa Wigglesworth, President -director general of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences.

In three years of preparation, “Lost Beauty II” is the second in a series of exhibitions by Rey. “Lost Beauty I” was on display at the Anderson Gallery at the University of Buffalo in 2019 and featured Rey’s “The Extinct Birds Project”. This second installment was scheduled to open at the museum in the summer of 2020 before the exhibit was put on hold in response to changes to the museum’s exhibition schedule due to the pandemic.

“This exhibit will appeal to those interested in science, history and world cultures as much as it will appeal to art lovers, making it a must-see attraction in Buffalo this fall,” said Mrs. Wigglesworth. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“I have always loved science and art and this project was a wonderful opportunity to explore and showcase some of the little ‘lost’ gems in the museum’s vast collection,” said Rey.

Aleron is the sponsor of the exhibition. Admission to the museum, located at 1020 Humboldt Parkway, can be purchased by calling (716) 896-5200 or online.

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