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Queensland National Liberal Party candidate Police Officer Jim Bellos has apologized for social media posts calling a female journalist a “cow” and a “stupid sour bitch”.

The Facebook posts of Bellos, a former Queenslander of the Year running in a state by-election in Stretton headquarters, south of Brisbane, emerged amid a crackdown on agents’ offensive activity on private social media by Queensland Police.

In articles, from 2017, Bellos is linked to the now infamous off-air “jacketgate” exchange between journalists Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook on Channel Nine.

He tagged another policeman, a sergeant, in the station.

“I can’t believe you missed all of this… look at that cow!” Bellos wrote.

He then replied to another person who wrote “obviously she needs a good fuck”.

Bellos said: “She needs more than that! Stupid sour bitch! Directly on his phone to have BBF.

Guardian Australia understands that BBF is a reference to “big bitch crisis”.

Bellos has apologized after being contacted by the Guardian.

“I apologize for these posts on Facebook. They do not reflect my 30 years of protecting vulnerable people and serving our community, ”he said.

“My life and work is all about bringing people together, and it’s a precious reminder of the importance of carefully considering what I post on social media.”

In recent years, the Queensland LNP has come under considerable pressure for its treatment of women and a lack of diversity within the party and its elected members. It has 34 state deputies – 29 of them are white males.

“The LNP expects all of its members to treat people with respect and uphold the values ​​of the party,” a spokesperson said.

“We also recognize that people make mistakes and say things they regret on second thought. We also appreciate the way people catch up on their mistakes and contribute to our community.

The LNP recently endorsed candidate Henry Pike to replace Andrew Laming at Bowman’s federal headquarters in Queensland, after Pike was forced to apologize for a series of historic social media posts that degraded women and were described as “big shame”.

He said he’s a changed person since he sent the private messages.

Bellos, who works as a multicultural police liaison in the diverse electorate of Stretton, south Brisbane, was chosen to run for state seat after the death of sitting member Duncan Pegg of the Labor Party.

The by-election will take place on July 24.

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