‘Play is Anywhere’ – a new public art commission to bring playful meaning to the streets of Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE City Council and Cambridge Junction have commissioned an artist and arts organization to develop a playful new piece of public art for people of all ages, which is due to start in Cambridge soon.

The council, working in partnership with Cambridge Junction, can announce that Playful Anywhere and artist Pippa Hale have been commissioned to develop the project, called The game is anywherewhich will see temporary and permanent ‘play experience’ opportunities created in an area bordering four areas of the city: Coleridge, Petersfield, Queen Edith’s and Trumpington.

Engagement with local communities on project development will begin in early summer, and all permanent locations for work will be identified through a search and engagement process.

the The game is anywhere The project will seek to bring people of all ages together through play, change the way residents engage with urban space, and imagine the potential of how it could be used differently in the future. More details on the project will be announced as it progresses and develops.

Playful Anywhere is a Leeds-based company with a proven track record of working on projects to create playful conversations and connections in cities, including deploying ‘Playboxes’ traveling shipping containers which are filled with fun objects and creative to discover.

They have previously worked on participatory events, programs and activities, and have designed and organized festivals, open space events, civic participation events and more, encouraging people to be creative.

Pippa Hale is a contemporary artist who creates playful, playable artwork that responds to place. She works using a range of media, including iron, neon, foam, food and inflatables, drawing on the history and geography of places to connect with audiences in new ways.

Cllr Anna Smith, Council Leader and Executive Advisor for Communities, said: “I’m really looking forward to seeing – and being part of – the results of this exciting artistic collaboration in the city. This art project promises not only to be a lot of fun, but also to give us the opportunity to reimagine how certain parts of the city can be used by residents and visitors in the future. »

Playful Anywhere and Pippa Hale said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Cambridge City Council and Cambridge Junction on this project and delighted to be creating a playful new piece of art for the city. The game is anywhere adopt the concept of informal play, to create innovative and surprising experiences in public places; something that sparks wonder and delight and engages local communities.

“For us, it’s not just about creating something fun, but something playable, something interactive, beautiful and joyful, something that responds to its location and the layers of the story. and geography. The playful aspect is at the heart of our respective practices and will inform both our process and our final product. »

Matt Burman, CEO of Junction, said: “We are really excited to start working with Pippa and Playful Anywhere on The game is anywhere and to collaborate with Cambridge City Council on such a playful and meaningful public art commission. The project has enormous potential to change the way we see and interact with the space around us, how we can positively disrupt the urban environment and how we encourage young and old to linger and play. in the intermediate spaces.

The commission is funded by Public Art S106 contributions from the promoters, which have been negotiated specifically for public art and cannot be used for anything else.

Learn more about the council’s approach to public art, Playful Anywhere and Pippa Hale

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