Over 600 attend Gifted’s Winter Art Sale – DiscoverWeyburn.com

With no fewer than 600 people passing through the doors of the Cugnet Center on Saturday, the Winter Art Market for the Gifted was once again a resounding success.

A variety of vendors, about 36, brought their beautiful handmade wares ready for everyone to choose as gifts for others, or even for themselves. It had everything from homemade spices, teas, pearls, photography, paintings and everything you could imagine.

We had the opportunity to speak with Weyburn Town Curator and Weyburn Arts Council Director of Arts Regan Lanning about the market development.

“It’s my favorite day of the year, almost every year,” she shared. “All these fabulous and talented creatives under one roof is great. It’s a great atmosphere. It’s great to see your friends, but it’s a phenomenal place to start your Christmas shopping.

She said seeing 600 patrons is not unusual for this big show. In fact, entry was by donation at the market entrance gates and all that money benefits the community of Weyburn.

“At an event like Gifted, whether through booth rentals or donations at the door, all of that money goes directly back into our community to support community arts initiatives. So, for example, last year the Arts Council donated $3,000 to the city’s summer art program, which allowed us to charge only $75 for the whole week, because the Arts Council took charge of all the art materials. it required keeping all those kids creating all summer.

The Weyburn Humane Society was there with a raffle and bake sale, which sold out long before the event ended.

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