Olive Pro wireless headphones claim to amplify voices and reduce noise


Of all the things the wonderful human sense of hearing can do, one of my favorites is listening to my friends talk. Unfortunately, some of my friends’ favorite places to talk are very loud. An unspoken agreement among the hipster elite in my town resulted in a blanket ban on rugs and soft surfaces in all the best places to brunch. This makes them acoustically similar to clamshell echo chambers and makes them mentally exhausting places to enjoy long conversations.

Maybe it’s because they want you to walk through the door, so they can offer twenty dollar avocado toast and eggs to a new set of customers; fair enough, they have businesses to run. But it’s still an intoxicating idea to think that technology can someday deliver a little sonic peace in noisy environments through the use of advanced sound processing algorithms.

In 2018, we reviewed the IQBuds, designed to reduce background noise and improve the speech of those closest to you. They had some promising times and worked well in some situations, but they needed a bit of tinkering before they provided conversational lube, and the vocals they were amplifying had an eerie, dirty, digital sound.

We are therefore interested to hear the performance of the new “2 in 1 hearing aids and Bluetooth headphones” from Olive Pro. They look a bit like slightly bling-up Apple AirPods, and work pretty much the same in general use, pairing wirelessly with your phone and offering an 18-hour charge.

The Olive Pro is FDA registered as a hearing aid and allows you to create a personalized hearing profile

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As with other custom hearing aids, they give you a short hearing test designed to assess areas of sensitivity and weakness in your hearing curve, and you can use it to set up a personal EQ curve that should help you with it. whatever you listen to. them.

Unlike IQBuds, they are registered by the FDA as medical devices, which gives Olive Union the ability to call them hearing aids. speech … without distortion. “

The proof will be in the pudding there, we’ve asked for a review unit and we’re hoping to get a chance to see how the Olive Pro set stacks up against the IQBuds. But real-time audio processing is no easy task given the huge range of different background noise profiles that they will need to subtract, as well as the fact that in many environments the background noise itself is. human speech – but not the humans you want to listen to.

Olive Pro 2-in-1 hearing aids and Bluetooth headphones are now available on Indiegogo for an anticipated price of US $ 199. Shipping will begin in February 2021, and by then prices will have returned to around US $ 299 that Nuheara was asking for IQBuds Boost. Standard crowdfunding caveats apply; worth reading the reviews Olive’s previous crowdfunding campaign, but take them with care, as people usually don’t leave comments on long-standing crowdfunding projects unless they’ve had issues.

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