Northwest Interior Hospitals Require COVID-19 Vaccines for Staff


Health officials continue to call on those who are not vaccinated to get vaccinated.

SPOKANE, Washington – The number of healthcare organizations requiring staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 continues to grow in the Northwest Interior.

Health officials continue to call on those who are not vaccinated to get vaccinated, as the unvaccinated continue to account for the vast majority of new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Members of the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) recently held a press conference on the development boom for the delta variant. They said that with vaccines being so readily available, the current surge in hospitalizations for COVID-19 is frightening, physically and emotionally draining for healthcare workers, who have faced the pandemic for more than a year and a half.

Here is a list of healthcare organizations in the Northwest Interior requiring the vaccine and their statements:

All staff will need to be fully vaccinated by fall 2021. According to Kevin Maloney, media relations manager for MultiCare in the Northwest Interior, most staff are already vaccinated, but they will continue to donate. vaccine training for all employees. Maloney also said they would treat this vaccine the same as the flu vaccine, which has been a condition of employment for several years.

A statement from Providence regarding staff vaccinations is as follows:

All Providence caregivers in Washington are required to be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination. Those who do not get vaccinated will be required to sign a declination and follow additional protocols, such as enhanced COVID-19 testing, mandatory vaccine-related education / discussions, and / or other infection prevention requirements in accordance with government policy. ministry, CDC or state. and local government mandates in public health may be required. Universal masking remains in effect in hospitals and clinics in Providence.

Unvaccinated employees and physicians will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or seek medical or religious exemption. Kaiser Permanente aims to have all of its staff vaccinated by September 30.

“Making vaccination mandatory is the most effective way to protect our people, our patients and the communities we serve,” said Greg A. Adams, President and CEO of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, Inc. “We encourage all systems and business and industry leaders across the country to play a role in ending the pandemic by doing the same. “

Pullman Regional Hospital

The Pullman Regional Hospital has announced that it will require all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 27.

The hospital’s statement is as follows:

“The vaccine is the most valuable technology in the fight against the pandemic. By fully immunizing employees, our organization has the opportunity to lead by example and facilitate the healthiest quality of life for our community. We agree with public health experts and virologists that the vaccine is both very safe and extremely effective. “

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