NoCo Art Market will feature a variety of art vendors on Saturday | New

JEFFERSONVILLE — Well-known art sellers and new artists will gather Saturday for the NoCo Arts Market on Michigan Avenue.

The market draws artists from across the southern Indiana region, said Emily Dippie, Jeffersonville’s public art administrator.

The Saturday market will feature goods ranging from jewelry to woodworking to lamps.

“We love to encourage people from all types of craft professions to come and sell with us,” Dippie said.

To make the market more accessible and expand its reach to all artists, Dippie said the market only has a $25 booth fee, which she says is very competitive when booth fees are in some markets. can cost upwards of $75.

“We’re doing this on purpose to try to help artists who are just starting or just growing their business have the chance to kick their food out and start selling, knowing they don’t need to rebuild a very large booth. a fee to participate,” she said.

The market will include artists who might be recognized from the NoCo Arts Center where they are in residence.

Lisa Fowler, a glass bead artist, will be selling her beadwork at the market. Greg Rush of River Ghost Art will also be on hand to showcase his millwork products.

Another art center resident, Jess Harris Stiller, will have a stall at the market selling jewelry under the name of her company Lorelai and Lottie.

Stiller and some of the vendors are also members of Maker13, a community workshop in the NoCo Arts and Cultural District. Dippie said the district really values ​​its relationship with Maker13.

“We love having their members and creators come and sell with us for the arts market. We really think that supports the idea of ​​what we’re trying to accomplish in the Arts and Culture District,” she said.

Artists like Christina Gutowski from Ain’t It Strange will be returning to the NoCo Arts Market arena, having been present at the markets in the past.

The NoCo Arts District hosted two markets last year, and it plans to have a regular schedule of open markets in Jeffersonville. Dippie said they would like to have a market in the summer, one in the fall and a holiday market.

The deadline to apply for a stand at the Saturday market has passed in early June. Dippie said he has seen a very good response from artists in the area.

“It’s really a great testament to the growth of the arts district and how we see it becoming this hub of artistic practice,” she said.

The market is sponsored by the NoCo Arts and Cultural District and the Jeffersonville Public Art Commission.

The Arts District is also partnering with Upland Jeffersonville, which has been selected by the city to operate The Depot for the 2022 season. The brewing company is responsible for running The Depot and providing bar services.

For the NoCo Arts Market, Upland Jeffersonville will run the bar, bring in the food vendors and help the Arts District organize the music.

The event will take place from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Michigan Avenue will be closed for vendors to line the street.

“We want to connect our community to our local artists so that our community is exposed to professional artists and craft businesses,” Dippie said. “But our artists also need to connect our community.”

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