My interest in writing came with genes


Vibha Batra is a Chennai-based popular author, graphic novelist, advertising consultant, poet, lyricist, translator, playwright, travel writer and columnist.

She has published 18 books including Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef, The Secret Life of Debbie G (a graphic novel) Merry the Elephant’s Rainy Day, Bathinda to Bangkok, The Reluctant Debutante, The Dream Merchants, Keeping it Real, Euro Trip, Ludhiana to London , Glitter and Gloss, The Activist and The Capitalist, Sweet Sixteen (Yeah, Right!), Seventeen and Done (you Done!), Eighteen and Wiser (not quite!), Family Crossword, A Twist of Lime, Tongue in Cheek, and Ishaavaasya Upanishad: Knowledge and action.

His work has been featured in books and publications in India and abroad. She is also an organic gardener and explorer.

She wrote the Hindi lyrics for Thuppaki and wrote the anthems for big companies like The Chola Group, Murugappa, Brakes India, GBS India and Cavin Kare. She has contributed short stories and poems to the Chicken Soup series, international anthologies, print magazines and ezines.

She also runs creative writing workshops for children and adults independently and at the British Council Chennai. Her Sweet Sixteen trilogy published by Penguin, and her graphic novel The Secret Life of Debbie G published by Harper Collins, have been selected for screen adaptation by major production houses.

When asked what his inspiration was for writing this book, Vibha replied, “To answer your question honestly, all I wanted was to overeat. But oh, the guilt! best excuse in the world. Search for my new book And voila, pastry chef PinkooShergill is born! ”

“It’s the story of a cute, cool and creative boy, Pinkoo, who wants to be a pastry chef. Alas, his father doesn’t hear about it. With his best friend, cousin and worst enemy, he hatches a plan. to realize his dream. Will he realize his dream? Or will he be caught in the act by his father? You will have to read the book to find out, “she added.

Vibha says she took tons of research to write this book. “I did tons of research. Dessert buffets were demolished. Countless cakes and pastries were devoured. An unknown number of treats were sampled. In short, all diets were broken in the making of this book, ”she said.

When asked how the writing came to her, she said: “Like all things in my life, I blame the writing on my genes. My maternal grandfather, the late Shri Vishnu Kant Shastri was an author , poet, scholar and prolific scholar. My parents are avid readers. Initially all I wanted to do was eat. But despite my best intentions, their love for books, reading and writing has rubbed off on me . ”

Vibha advises aspiring writers not to offer or pay any attention to any. “I’m not a big fan of unsolicited advice. So my advice would be: don’t offer it and don’t pay attention to it,” she concludes.

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