Montclair featured in the “Honor your hometown” section of the Yogi Berra Museum

Yogi Berra Museum

The Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center honors Montclair for “Honor Your Home Town,” a volunteer-led social media campaign launched by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

The museum’s submission shows Yogi’s eldest son, Larry Berra, and granddaughter Lindsay, in what Ken Burns describes on USA Today as a “mad rush of laughs to tell us about all the hometowns of the great players in baseball”.

“The mission of connecting the community that drives this effort aligns perfectly with Yogi’s legacy and our values ​​as an institution,” said Eve Schaenen, executive director of the museum. “As we try to demonstrate in the video – with a good dose of fun – Yogi connects to the best in all the hometowns he has touched.”

The video explores the museum’s artifacts to highlight places most associated with the Hall of Fame receiver: his childhood hometown of St. Louis, his hometown of the Bronx with the NY Yankees, his hometown of Queens with the NY Mets; his hometown of Houston with the Astros; and finally, his chosen hometown of Montclair.

“We are very grateful to Ken Burns for including us in this important effort. If we had had more time, we could have listed a lot more places that claim Yogi as theirs, ”Schaenen said. “The point is, Yogi belongs to all the hometowns, because he represents the best in each of us.”

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