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Have we already reached the peak of the “smart watch”? I’m not sure, but there is certainly no shortage of choices. Smartwatches – or smartwatches, as they might be better labeled in some cases – run the gamut from full LCD touchscreens that almost want to replace your phone, to those watches that look, well, like normal watches, but include some extra brains inside the case that can talk with your phone. This latter scenario is what we have with the Michael kors Go to “hybrid smartwatches”.

Now, the model’s full name is just the Michael Kors Access, but the company has repeatedly called it a “hybrid smartwatch”. Let’s examine this a bit. First of all, the name smartwatch. As I mentioned at the start, the term smartwatch encompasses a wide variety of watches and capabilities. There are several merits to this generic term, but it can be confusing. I think the Michael Kors Access would be more accurately labeled as a “smartwatch”. Why? Well, it becomes clearer when we approach the “hybrid” part.


If I had to guess (and I am), the hybrid part of the label came about because the Michael Kors Access looks like a well-sorted watch, without anything so technological about it. Tucked into the case, however, are the additional modules and radios that give it a certain intelligence. The Michael Kors Access is above all an activity tracker (at the Frederique Constant Horological Smart Watch). Considering the analog displays of the two released models, you’d think the functions end there – but you’d be wrong.


Even with the analog display, the Michael Kors Access manages to tie in notifications (of some sort) from the phone, via vibrations and some sort of hand movement (the brand’s materials are unfortunately no more specific than that). . While I have come to appreciate the extra vibrations on the wrist of smart / connected watches / fitness trackers to let me know something is happening on my phone (as the phone often misses the vibe), I am skeptical. as to the type of notification you keep coming back here, other than “Hey! Look at your phone! And you know, even if that’s all it is, it’s okay.

The technology here (whatever it is, MK hasn’t shared these details with us) seems to be taking over the functions of the MotionX technology we talked about here and add some more. While the brand’s materials do not detail all of the watches’ apparent functionality, they do allow you to control certain features of your phone. Using the watch’s ‘smart control button’, you can trigger the camera to take selfies, for example, control your music or ring your phone when you’ve misplaced it.


Even with the added technology, the Michael Kors Access still only requires a button cell battery, which is a big selling point of these types of watches. They may not be as flashy (or scalable) as a full smartwatch (like the Polar M600say), but they also don’t require constant charging and last up to six months depending on usage.

Watches like the Michael Kors Access also manage to look like a regular watch, which means they won’t raise eyebrows in the office. Which, given the boldness of some wrist-mounted trackers these days, may not be a bad thing. That said, if you’re looking to buy a watch like this to also be your fitness tracker, be prepared to wear it, and only her. As soon as you start trading watches, you lose this history and metrics, and if previous platforms are any indication, you won’t sync this data with other platforms (such as Garmin or Fitbit).


Aesthetically, the Michael Kors Access is a pretty pretty quartz watch. The price is also quite good, with the 42mm gold (MKT4002) or all black (MKT4003) variants coming in at $ 250, and the more sporty 45 mm versions, chrono / flieger (?) look (blue dial MKT4000; black dial MKT4001) which ring at $ 295. Ultimately, no, the Michael Kors Access isn’t going to force a lot of people to take their high-end pieces off and put them in its place. For the guy or girl looking to put a watch back on for the first time in a long time and want basic connectivity? Well, that could be your ticket. michaelkors.com

Michael Kors technical specifications

  • CASE SIZE: 45mm (MKT4000, MKT4001); 42 mm (MKT4002, MKT4003)
  • CASE SHAPE: Round
  • HOOK WIDTH: 22 mm (MKT4000, MKT4001); 18 mm (MKT4002, MKT4003)
  • CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth

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