McLennan County Leaders Rally to Help Organizations ‘Save Our Children’


MCLENNAN COUNTY – McLennan County municipal leaders are mobilizing to help empower local organizations working to “Save Our Children.”

“I think we’re all doers and not just talkers, so we just figured out how we can get the job done, how we can have more impact, how we can provide these organizations with what we need,” said Jeremy Davis, administrator of Waco ISD.

This after Waco Police reported since June 2020, there have been 380 arrests of minors in Waco for children 16 and under.

Including violent and non-violent crimes such as running away from home, robbery, family violence, burglary and more.

“The great thing that they have, because they’re still minors, is that they can turn things around, and that’s what these organizations are focusing on that we’re highlighting,” Davis said.

Those aged 17 and over are judged as adults.

“If we don’t protect our young people, if we don’t prepare them and protect them for an adult life where they can be productive and constructive citizens, we are damaging the future of our society as a whole,” said McLennan County Commissioner. Patricia Miller.

The list of McLennan County officials involved in “Save Our Children” include Commissioner Miller, Waco Council Member Andrea Barefield, Pro Mayor Tem Travis Gibson, City of Bellmead, City of Waco ISD Trustees Jeremy Davis and Keith Guillory.

Miller says the leadership is already involved in youth organizations or has a passion for helping children.

“We got together and said hello, this is the best time to do it, after the community has spoken and elected us to do a job, let’s come in here and do it,” said Keith Guillory, administrator of Waco ISD.

Among the list of non-profit organizations with the initiative “Save Our Children” is the organization “The New Black Collective”.

With its pillars of education, culture and quality of life, they help young people fight for a better future.

“Anytime someone steps in to show this youngster that they have a different story ahead of them other than the violence other than getting into trouble or letting their grades drop, when they see that then they are more likely to to step into its potential, ”said Kevin Thomas, secretary and board member of The New Black Collective.

The New Black Collective has been in existence since summer 2019.

The non-profit organization “Vision 4 Youth” also contributes to the cause, which aims to build trust with law enforcement, but also keeps children off the streets through sport and community service.

“We’re here for the kids, we’re here to make them succeed, success is key to everything to me and that’s what I want to see more of my young children of color, successfully reproduce,” Vision says 4 Young founder Philip Stone.

Are also concerned:

“What we are asking is that these organizations come together around the table and tell us how we can make them more productive, what do they need to have a greater impact on the population of children than they do. seek to serve. among African American elected officials, but every child is important and every death is a tragedy, ”says Miller.

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