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New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara
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Friday, October 22, 2021

How was the week off after a heavy workload the first two weeks?

“Oh yeah, that was awesome! I mean, you know, every time you have a week off you just take a little time (to relax). Everyone’s healthy even if you don’t. ‘re not hurt it’s like you never realize how much can be done. It was good to relax a bit, then you know we’re back now (and) that guys Terron Armstead are back (in practice), a few guys are back. ”

What untapped potential do you think this attack has yet to hit this season?

“Man, we’ve got a ton. I think we played well on offense (but) we still haven’t played our best game and I feel like we always say it, but I mean, I know what it looked like and I know Sean (Payton) knows what he wants it to look like and a lot of these guys know what it looks like from Terron (Armstead), to Erik McCoy, Andrus Peat and these guys. think we have a lot to do to get better at, a lot. You know it’s still early in the season, but I think my main focus is still to be as great as it is right now, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t work like that. There is work to be done, but the good teams, they’ve found a way to be the best they can be whenever they can. ”

What do the words offensive identity mean to you?

“For me, I think we have our identity. I think most of us know we’ve been here, we know what identity is. Now I mean you have to be that everyday and sometimes I think we find ourselves out of character, whether it’s penalties or not being effective or efficient on third downs and red zone opportunities sometimes. But I think we know what our identity is as a ‘team. I know what our identity is as an attacker, as a team, but I think it’s fair. It’s what it is, you have to get everyone to that level. ”

How much attention to detail does Sean Payton put in the various situations you encounter in training?

“Yeah, you all see it. He’s great, super detailed, super situational driven. I mean, that’s why we do well on Sunday and Friday is supposed to be fast and he always slows it down because he has to talk about every little detail, but it pays off on Sunday because we could play a game and he could have changed something over the course of the week just something small like a split or you know I guess n ‘no matter what, just something so small and you see it happen in the game and you like it, dang Sean (Payton) was right. But those little details and this time it takes to explain things to us and explain to us and taking a break when we have to take a break and do what we need to do, I think it really makes all the difference. ”

Is it even more important in the red zone?

“Yes, exactly in the red zone, that’s when everything is amplified. The errors are amplified. These are points, you play with points, it is either you get three or you get three. get seven, so I mean it’s a four point swing anyway you take it. ”

What do you remember the first time Coach Payton experienced a situation with you as a player?

“I didn’t know what was going on. I won’t lie, I didn’t know what was going on. I was just trying to line up. I remember it was like me and Ted Ginn (Jr.) and we came in at the same time so we were just trying to figure it out, it was all going so fast and i will never forget like Bcole (Brandon Coleman) and Mark (Ingram) and then Willie (Snead) there was just like pushing us into what direction to go. As we call the formation and sometimes I know I’m going to go with School or me and Ted we’re going in front of each other. So we’re going to shoot each other and kinda straight But I mean throughout this year I’ve kind of figured out why, you know sometimes you’ll see something happen and you don’t know why. So you just think it’s a waste of time like man, what is this how it felt at the start of the season with sean (payton), but you know you s got to game 5, 6, 7, 10 and I’m like, dang, this guy is like a brain, all ng he does that for a reason. Because it’s my most important thing, I hate wasting time. Like, I hate wasting time. So once you realize the why and the what, why, when, like it’s crazy to see it all come together. ”

Does adversity seem to bring out the best in Coach Payton?

“Yeah, I think he likes to prove people wrong. He loves it, like he enjoys this moment aha, where it’s like, oh they said that, but aha, we proved them wrong. I mean, it’s not for anyone but by himself and us, he’ll come to me and be like, I told you and I’m like, well, I’m on your side. are in the same boat, but I think he likes it. But I mean, he’s super competitive and he challenges everyone around him every day. He challenges himself every day and I think as well as him or as bad as him, I think he’s the harshest critic on himself than anyone. He doesn’t care about the media (critic), he doesn’t care about something like that. he rates himself louder than anyone could ever rate him, ever. ”

Does Coach Payton trust his player leaders in the locker room to establish the culture here?

“Oh yeah and that’s why I don’t think there’s ever a panic in our facility, I think, because you know, like you leaders said, we all kind of get the message. We know what Sean wants, we know what he’s supposed to do it seems like it’s never a time where Sean just has to love to explode and go crazy and I guess we’re trying to make ourselves react. it’s meant to be and sometimes it’s just subtle things like, hey it’s not that’s true you know what it’s gotta be like and everyone pulls in but top to bottom i want say, it’s kind of a question of responsibility. It’s like some things don’t fly like some things you can do with your mom that you can’t do with your dad like. it’s like in all areas. Guys who come into free agents or guys younger than that. t, you know guys at the top that have been here it’s like your dad, you know you can’t do that around them i don’t think this is a panicky time, lik e I say everyone follows and knows what the norm is. ”

Did you like the duo setup more than being the main focal point in the backfield?

“I’m cool, like it doesn’t really make a difference to me. I mean maybe a few extra minutes soaking in Epsom salts or something, but I mean it’s okay. think every game has its own life so I mean as the season goes on the streams are going to change somehow and maybe this will be a game where my snaps percentage is going down or even higher, I don’t know, but I calm down. I’m in there doing what I have to do. ”

Are you going to join Malcolm Jenkins and own a top soccer team?

“I don’t know, they do a lot with that. I think Mark (Ingram owns one in MLS) and who else I forgot who else I saw, but I don’t know. right now. Yeah, Nascar and juice, all kinds of stuff. ”

How tough is that crowd in Seattle?

“Me and Terron (Armstead), we talk about it in practice and it was like you played there when it was full. I’m like yeah, brother, we played there two years ago , he was oh, yeah. It was crazy because that was the week after Drew (Brees) got hurt and Teddy (Bridgewater) was there. So I think we got to the line and he was around five seconds on the clock and we had to burn some time out and sort of settle in and get our pace right and get our timing right, but it’s a noisy place, it’s definitely a football environment to say the least. , perform our tasks. ”

Do you like to play in 40-50 degree weather?

“It’s cool. I don’t like the rain. If it’s 40 to 50 (degrees) and you know dry I’m cool, but I mean, you know, it’s an outdoor stadium. so you have to face the elements, whatever it is, we have to face it. But it’s definitely football time, I think it’s like a southern thing I think. Because you talk to guys on the west coast they always have perfect weather and then in the north it’s like it’s either nice or crappy but like the south it’s like, okay you have summer and then you get that kind of fall, you feel it and then it’s cold in the back. But I agree with Jameis Winston (Winston) we have football weather ahead. ”

Does the rain force you to approach the game differently?

“I don’t think it affects the game plan, but I think there’s just a heightened sense of awareness and ball safety and if I flip punts and things like that it’s just kinda more focused on securing the ball, securing the catches and then if it’s really wet, Sean talks about visors and then you sort of go to the rain. boardroom, like yes we can’t not directing this play because it’s raining, that’s what it is. We get paid a lot of money to perform it. ”

“Yeah, that’s artificial turf. Sean (Payton) probably still talks about feet. That’s his thing, whenever he gets a chance to talk about feet he’s going to talk about it and then he’ll try to us. promise like pedicures or something. ”

Is this the most difficult stadium you’ve been to?

“I’m not gonna lie, I think the one time I really (feel) that this (the noise of the crowd) really affects me is obviously if we get to the line and you know that we have to burn a time out, that’s when I realize, like oh dang, it’s strong, it’s super strong. But I think before the kickoff is really when I hear the crowd and realize the crowd then touchdowns, scores or change of field position or something like that. I mean, change of possession. Other than that I’m kinda like zoned. Crowd noise doesn’t really affect me, but I think if we categorize him out of league stadiums he’s probably there and like Minnesota strong, like there’s a great vibe. Without us count obviously, but yes, over there and Minnesota. ”

Are you excited to play in Minnesota?

“It’s another day for me, but I think Monday Night Football when you come in it’s like it’s a big thing, but now I’m here it’s just another day’s work. C ‘is another opportunity, another game. Actually, I don’t do it like Monday night because we have to turn around and play on Sunday, so it’s a short week. So yeah, I don’t like not Monday night. Glad you asked. You’re wasting a day. “

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