Making Houston More Beautiful – Two Organizations Take a Stand and Brag about a Picturesque Houston


PSorry the cliché but Scenic Houston and the Houston Quality of Life Coalition are birds of a feather, yes, flock together. So it was a muy simpatico evening at the River Oaks Country Club where the former honoree Dick weekley, founding member of the latter. Both organizations are dedicated to protecting and enhancing Houston’s visual and physical landscape.

Founded in 1996 to fight against the scourge of billboards (10,000 spread throughout the city at the time), Picturesque houston has become a valuable organization in the ongoing efforts to transform the character of the roads across Houston. It is part of Scenic Texas and Scenic america network.

When Bill White was elected mayor in 2003, the New Quality of Life Coalition’s program – plant more trees; improve and develop more parks; reduce burning of billboards; removing graffiti, trash, and hazardous wasteland — has gained a foothold. The green movement has become official city policy.

The organization is known to have succeeded in dramatically improving Houston’s landscape and visual appeal through advocacy, lobbying and fundraising. The coalition is applauded for championing increased investment in the city’s parks, bayous and roadside greenery.

The Quality of Life Coalition, led by Weekley, was instrumental in 2003 receiving $ 78 million from the federal government for reforestation on all highways in the Houston area.

“Hardly any Houstonian has had more of an impact on the scenic character of Houston than Dick Weekley,” Scenic Houston executive director Heather houston said at the rally. “It was such a pleasure to honor him with our Scenic Visionary Award.”

Most Houstonians know the names of the winners through David Weekley Homes, which Dick Weekley co-founded with his brother David Weekley.

PC seen: Dining chair Alia vinson, honorary president Hugh rice kelly, former mayors of Houston Bill Blanc and Annise parker; The members of the municipal council Sallie Alcorn, Edward Pollard, and David robinson; former winner of the Scenic Houston Visionary Anne Carême, Members of the Quality of Life Coalition Chuck Carlberg, Max Watson, Mac and Céce Fowler, and Bonnie Bandaged David Weekley.

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