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If La Crosse is building a new museum on the history of the area, planners should remember that the story doesn’t start with Nathan Myrick and doesn’t just include whites.

Cultural diversity is sought after by some supporters of the museum concept, introduced at the end of 2017.

Speaking to the town planning commission on Monday night, Tracy Littlejohn of the county historical society board called for diversity in what would be found in such a museum.

“For La Crosse to move forward, it has to remember who was here first, and everyone who was here,” said Littlejohn, referring to indigenous peoples, African Americans and Hmong immigrants.

Since it would be considered a county-wide museum, La Crosse County Historical Society director Peggy Derrick said planners will also ask the county to fund the project.

As for the location, Derrick said there was a logical choice.

“The feeling is that the location is going to be in the town of La Crosse, although that is going to be… a big advantage for the whole region,” Derrick said.

The Planning Commission hearing took place for the second consecutive Monday on the 2022 capital improvement projects. Two more hearings on the capital budget are still scheduled and the final vote on spending will not be held. take place only in November.

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