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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – People lined up in downtown Jacksonville Thursday morning to get their shots.

Some lined up 45 minutes before the start of the event to secure a shot.

“Our first guest was here at 8:15 am this morning, waiting to get the shot,” JEA spokeswoman Karen McAllister said.

The first in line, Randy Henke, said he already had COVID-19 and decided it was time to protect himself against the new strains of the virus.

“With the Delta variant going around, I just thought it was about time, I guess,” said Henke.

It was a common response from others online.

“I had COVID. I just want to make sure I don’t have the second round coming, ”said Valerie Brock.

“I just got over COVID, so that’s really the reason I wanted to get the shot,” Kaun Roberts said.

JEA’s Salute to a Healthcare Champion vaccine event honored the late Dr. Leon Haley Jr. and his mission to promote vaccines.

“He was a champion of COVID health care and education in the community,” McAllister said.

UF Health Jacksonville employees echoed those words.

“His dedication to this community and the time he spent here was just amazing,” said Greg Miller, COO of UF Health Jacksonville.

Miller said Dr. Haley’s mission to vaccinate others was a personal effort.

“Dr. Haley’s last day on the job he spent walking around this hospital personally vaccinating employees,” Miller said.

The event was just one way for the community to keep Dr. Haley’s legacy alive.

The event ran from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and offered free Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines to anyone aged 12 and over.

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