International Folk Art Market Announces New Executive Director |

Despite the myriad of challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, including general cancellations in 2020, the International Folk Art Market ended up having a relatively successful event in 2021 spanning several weekends and by implementing security protocols and timed ticketing.

And now, in afterglow, the busy arts market has announced that CEO Stuart Ashman, who took the reins in 2019 after leaving a similar position at the Center for Contemporary Arts, will step down at the end of this year and be replaced. by former IFAM Director of External Affairs, Melissa Mann.

In an emailed statement, IFAM Brass says Mann’s duties include overseeing artist relationships, fundraising, strategic development and other market elements, placing her in a particularly qualified position for take over.

“We are delighted that Melissa has accepted the role of CEO,” IFAM Board Chair Jenny Kimball said in the statement. “With his vast knowledge of IFAM, the transition will be a smooth one … We are saddened that Stuart will not be at the helm next year, but he will remain a cheerleader and friend of IFAM. . “

“I’m staying in Santa Fe, but as a baseball player I’m now a free agent,” Ashman told SFR. “I initially signed a three-year contract, which expires at the end of this year; we’ve achieved a lot, and we have probably the best cash reserves in the history of the market, so I thought it was time to pass the baton on to someone else. I am very happy … because I hired[MelissaMann}andshewillmoveontotheupperlevelmarket”[MelissaMann}andshe’sgoingtotakethemarkettothenextlevel”[MelissaMann}etellevafairepasserlemarchéauniveausupérieur »[MelissaMann}andshe’sgoingtotakethemarkettothenextlevel”

According to the data available on the market websiteabout 9,000 visitors attended in 2021. In January, Ashman told SFR that 162 artists had been accepted this year, of which 115 eventually participated with the help of 800 volunteers. The market was founded in 2004.

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