Hoopeston Natives Plan Melanoma Research Art Sale | News

Hoopeston natives Matthew Parsons and Marie Parsons McCarty teamed up with the Melanoma Research Foundation to present an art sale to raise money for the foundation.

Marie has battled melanoma for the past few years and the siblings worked together last year to present their first art fund sale.

Parsons said he presented the first art sale last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said Marie had undergone treatments for melanoma and they decided they wanted to raise money for melanoma research.

Marie is an art teacher at Fountain Central Jr./Sr. High School and has run the school’s arts program for several years.

Parsons said Marie reached out to several of her former art students who she remained close with and asked them to participate in the art sale.

“We asked them to donate artwork to be part of the sale,” he said. “We had a great turnout. We had about 25 pieces.

Parsons praised the work done by the alumni for the work and support they showed Marie during her battle with melanoma.

Parsons said they also partnered with the Melanoma Research Foundation to pitch the sale.

Due to the pandemic, Parsons said, they couldn’t host anything in person for sale and had to do everything online.

“We kind of entered uncharted territory, which was to do it online,” he said.

Parsons said the Melanoma Research Foundation handled many of the technical aspects of the sale.

“It worked really well,” he said.

Parsons said he raised just over $4,000 last year.

They have decided to present another sale this year in order to continue supporting melanoma research.

Since the last sale, Parsons said, Marie has decided to go back to graduate school and work toward an MFA.

During this process, Parsons said, Marie began creating a variety of artwork and came up with the theme for this year’s art sale, “Small Steps to a Cure.”

Parsons said Marie has created around 20 pieces for sale and all are smaller pieces to go with the theme.

Asked about the types of art and themes the pieces in the sale will feature, Parsons said there will be a variety of different media and artistic styles for the art that will be on sale.

“They tell a bit of the story of his journey over the last few years,” he said.

Parsons said all artwork featured in this year’s sale will be created by Marie.

Although his alumni won’t have their work featured in this year’s sale, Parsons said he thinks they will help raise awareness of the sale on social media.

As part of this year’s contest, Parsons said, they featured a logo contest where they asked fans on social media to submit logo ideas for the contest.

Parsons said it was a way to get people excited and interested in this year’s sale.

The sale itself will run from July 23 to August 23. 1.

Parsons said this year’s fundraising goal is $5,000 with all proceeds going to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.

He said he and Marie wanted to help the foundation advance melanoma research.

To learn more about the sale and to see some of the artwork on display, visit SUNBURNTS’ Small Steps to a Cure – 2021 on Facebook.

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