Friendship Park in Gyumri will have an outdoor art market and an ice rink

Reconstruction activities of Gyumri “Friendship” Park are ongoing. As part of the grant project, it is planned to build an ice rink and 25 pavilions for the open-air art market in the park.

Representatives of the EU4Bsusines project “Innovative Tourism and Technological Development for Armenia” implemented by the EU Delegation to Armenia and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), visited Gyumri on May 19 to see the progress of the construction of pavilions for the opening – the aerial art market in the “Amitié” park and the overall reconstruction activities. It is also planned to build an ice rink there.

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According to the Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union in Armenia, Antonis Tsamoulis, the project aims at the development of tourism in the city.

“The promotion of the “Friendship” park project contributes to the development of the economy and tourism, and thanks to the pavilions, we will be able to advertise the artists, exhibit their works, also providing an opportunity to pass on their art at the other level,” says Antonis Tsamoulis.

Antonis Tsamoulis Antonis Tsamoulis

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“Gyumri is already a tourist destination, but there is a need to diversify tourist activities and this is great not only for Gyumri but also for all of Armenia. People will have an opportunity to visit Gyumri both in winter and summer i.e. in any season of the year and have fun,” says the team leader of the ITTD, Wilhelm Hugo.

William Hugo William Hugo

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The architects used the traditional chevron-shaped elements of Armenian architecture. The pavilions can be modified and changed thanks to the wooden modules and the stretched canopies, which resemble the Armenian ethnic carpets with their ornaments and color combination.

The “Friendship” park reconstruction project is implemented by the Tourism and Urbanism Foundation (TUF) as a model of public-private partnership and socio-economic development.

“The open-air art market pavilions must be functional in all seasons. The works of artists and craftsmen, both from Gyumri and other regions of Armenia, will be displayed in the pavilions. Arts and crafts masterclasses, exhibitions and fairs will be held at the outdoor art market. The project involves the construction of 25 pavilions, it is a pilot project, in general our end goal is to have around 60 pavilions in the park”, says the project manager of the park “Friendship” at the TUF foundation Yelena Muradyan.

Elena Muradyan Elena Muradyan

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The pavilions for the outdoor art exhibition are produced in the “Technocity” production facilities. According to company founder Artyom Mikayelyan, the pavilions will vary in size and shape.

Artyom Mikayelyan Artyom Mikayelyan

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“There is going to be a combination of metal and wood. All pavilions will be designed in a unique style. Only locals are engaged in the work,” Artyom Mikayelyan said.

It is planned to open the park to Gyumrians as well as city visitors by September. The overall budget for the reconstruction project is approximately 12 million. usd. It is envisioned to have the park with all of its facilities completed by fall 2023.

Yana Shakhramanyan

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