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Fox News is not officially commenting on the case, but it appears the right-wing talk network is quietly trying to distance itself from Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 veracity.

This is what should be remembered from this story of David Covucci from Daily Dot. He wrote on Friday that after his outlet ran an article on Carlson’s 1/6 special, titled “Patriot Purge,” Fox News’ public relations department contacted.

Fox PR wanted its request to be informal, but Covucci correctly noted that * both * parties must agree not to register it before it is binding. “The Daily Dot did not accept Fox’s request when it received this quote, and is therefore not bound by the request,” Covucci told readers. “Plus, you should know that even Fox News wants to stand out from the Carlson documentary.”

So what was the anonymous spokesperson’s request? According to Covucci, it read, “Can you please add to make it clear that these new episodes are for FOX Nation? Carlson Originals is not for the chain. “

This is of course not something you would want outside news agencies to insist on if you were truly proud of your work. It’s hard to imagine that Carlson will be very happy when he finds out about this. It’s also worth noting that while all of the 1/6 docuseries will indeed be behind a pay wall on Fox Nation, some of that content will almost certainly air on the Carlson prime-time show.

>> A reminder of the big picture here, via Brian Stelter’s report for “Don Lemon Tonight:” The Murdochs support “false flag” alarmism. Does it really matter that conspiracy theories are broadcast on TV or online?

Cheney’s office posts emails with Carlson’s team

But you can understand why the bosses of the C-Sequel in New York want to keep the network away from Carlson’s insanity, even if they allow it to continue airing. The channel is under close scrutiny in the next round of conspiracies, including from prominent Republicans like Liz Cheney – someone who doesn’t back down in her criticism of Carlson.

After Cheney called Carlson Thursday for promoting 1/6 truthfulness, the Fox propagandist invited her on his show. When Cheney refused, Carlson called her a coward. But he didn’t include the statement Cheney’s spokesperson provided to the show, explaining his reason for not appearing.

Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler released the statement on Friday, showing the email exchange he had with Carlson’s booker. The statement Adler provided to the Carlson show read: “Tucker had countless opportunities to explain to his viewers that the election was not stolen. Instead, he continues to promote dangerous conspiracies using language that sparked violence against law enforcement and our Capitol on January 6. Liz will not participate in this. ” Phew …

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