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Fort Wayne, Indiana (WOWO): Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry today announced that Fort Wayne will invest federal funds in 19 local nonprofit programs.

Nearly $ 540,000 in Emergency Solutions Grants (ESGs) and Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs) support low- and middle-income residents, including shelters, job skills, domestic violence support, and youth development. This is more than the usual annual grant allocation, as the pandemic has given the city additional funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly Randberg said, “We are delighted to support their efforts to build a stronger family.”

“Our partner organizations do important work in helping residents live successful and rewarding lives. We are fortunate to provide essential services to the public. We live in a community that is committed to supporting local organizations that do more than just every day, ”said Mayor Henry. Our community development department and the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Services fund it. We are also grateful for the work and leadership in its management. We also appreciate and appreciate the funding we have received from the federal government to support local efforts to improve the quality of life in Fort Wayne and its people. I am. “

The city uses a competitive application process to award grants. The volunteer committee helps note the request and makes funding recommendations. The standards are based on federal funding targets developed with some of the views of local people.

The target organizations are as follows.

name of the organization program Description of the program
Mother’s hope Mother’s Desired Case Management Program We provide shelters and services exclusively for pregnant women who are homeless. The funding supports more targeted case management for residents of obstetric facilities and aftercare services.
Build a stronger family The shadow of success and the workshop The program focuses on career preparation, mental health and trauma management among young people and their families. Funding expands programming.
Language services network English innovation – ESL class We offer community interpretation and translation workshops to build community capacity, provide additional on-site service locations, hire program coordinators, and support low-cost interpretation and translation services.
Alliance for Literacy Pre-HSE and ESOL courses The Literacy Alliance offers pre-HSE and English courses for speakers of other languages ​​(ESOL). The goal is to serve 240 students during the program year.
Lutheran social services LSSI works The funds will be used for personal and professional development training, quality placement, financial education, job retention and stability services.
YMCA College and career preparation Expand music and video programs, provide additional summer staff, create career portfolios, add computer science components to college and career preparation programs.
Light point Coordinated entry Funding supports a coordinated entry program
Just a neighbor Food truck from the same city A joint and innovative food truck pilot project to provide quality restaurant meals to the most vulnerable homeless people in our community.
Catholic charities Mission possible This program is designed to move residents from the Rescue Mission Shelter program into community life.
Linen Coordinated awareness for multicultural coexistence The project focuses on emergency prevention and awareness raising activities for migrant and refugee families, including referral to appropriate resources, awareness assessment, advocacy and counseling.
Health vision Wellness initiative The program will expand HealthVision’s health courses to include workshops on social determinants of health such as mental health, employment and financial wisdom.
league Advocacy: Helping people with disabilities to become independent Added a second full-time Advocacy Coordinator to assist people with disabilities in the direct coordination of cases, as well as the systematic advocacy of employment, accessible / affordable housing and transportation.
Izumigen Wellspring hygiene kit We will bear the cost of creating a “personal hygiene kit” and distributing it to low-income and homeless people in the area.

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