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In his most recent column for Concept Hair Magazine, award-winning men’s hairstyling expert and educator Jim Shaw explains his favorite ways to keep up with trends and how important it is to being a successful hairstylist.

When it comes to being an expert in all things men’s hair, there is one thing that is extremely important – that you are always up to date and on top of the latest trends to provide them to your male clients. and stay ahead of your competition in the industry. .

It could be new coloring techniques, grooming services, hair products, or even styles that have been ubiquitous on social media or on the catwalk and will be in high demand in the salon.

So how do you stay on top of the latest trends?

There are different ways to stay ahead of the trends, but my top 5 are:

Watch fashion week

Watching Fashion Weeks is my favorite way to stay on top of trends.

I always find that fashion translates into the hair, therefore being aware of what is in fashion is so important as it can greatly influence the hair later on.

Be careful though a lot of textures are important on the runway as well as colors, as the predominant colors in clothing can often be huge hair color trends for the season ahead.

Social media

Social media is more influential than ever and is one of the most popular choices for following trends. Stay on top of all the emerging trends, see what celebrities and influencers are up to, and also check out popular hashtags.

Read industry, consumer and online magazines and ezines

Many magazines, especially mainstream publications, work months in advance and with that in mind, they often post upcoming trends ahead of next season.

Set aside time to research and read magazines and online publications, as well as to look at magazines that are not so specific to your profession, such as fashion and lifestyle publications that can influence hair or give you an overview of what consumers are looking for next.

Talking to customers

The best form of market research!

Talking to your customers about the services they would like to see and what they are noticing is becoming popular with their friends / family is a great way to stay on top of trends and be able to provide services and techniques to your customers that they actually want.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn and soak up information, and many hairstyling podcasts are featuring industry leaders, who can work behind the scenes at Fashion Week styling and working while styling. events and campaigns they can discuss during their podcast.

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