FCC Media Office Extends Deadlines for 2018 Quadrennial Review


Groups including NAB and MMTC ask for more time due to rapidly changing media landscape

Posted: July 17, 2021

FCC Media Office is extending comment and response deadlines for the 2018 Quadrennial Review Update.

Originally set for July 1, August 2 (comments) and August 30 (response), the new deadlines are now September 2 (comments) and October 1 (response).

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On July 12, the FCC was approached by Common Cause, Free Press, Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council, National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, and National Association of Broadcasters for the extension. Groups suggested agreed dates.

According to the FCC, “The Joint Filers explain that, more than two years have passed since the end of the initial comment cycle in this proceeding, there have been many economic and legal developments in the media industry during this process. period. Joint Filers say they and other interested parties need more time to resolve the many complex economic and legal issues through searches, updates to previously filed documents, and new information.

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The Media Bureau said that while it does not normally grant an extension, “an extension should allow interested parties to present more comprehensive and thoughtful comments to the panel, we agree with the joint applicants that the both parties commenting on the procedure and the commission should benefit and that the extension should not disadvantage either party.

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