EU delegation celebrates “Europe Day” at Tel Aviv Museum of Art


The EU Delegation to Israel celebrated “Europe Day” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Tuesday, attended by hundreds of guests, including the EU Ambassador to Israel Emanuele Giaufret, Minister of Transport MK Merav Michaeli, and dozens of diplomats from several EU countries.

As part of the “Europe Day” events, Israelis were treated to special video art installations that were exhibited across the country, from Eilat to Haifa, and showcased a variety of works of art from Europe and Israel.

The artwork focused on growing new communities around the world as the international community battles the coronavirus.

Regarding the link between Europe and Israel, Giaufret said that “The European Union and Israel share not only interests, but also values. This is the main message that I have underlined at every meeting I have had over the past four years … The bonds between us are very deep, but they still have great potential to be realized. “

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