eLearning Brothers Presents Strategic Learning Plan to Help Organizations Access and Improve Their Modern Learning Strategy


AMERICAN FORK, Utah – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Learning solutions leader eLearning Brothers today announced a new strategic consulting service, the Strategic Learning Blueprint, which assesses an organization’s existing training, develops a personalized plan and activates a learning strategy modern.

“Companies can’t afford to offer training that doesn’t work,” said Andrew Scivally, co-founder and CEO of eLearning Brothers. “Organizations need effective learning solutions that are engaging, change behaviors, reduce costs and deliver results. As a provider of end-to-end learning solutions, eLearning Brothers is uniquely positioned to develop personalized training for organizations, whether it’s virtual reality, gaming or other types of gaming experiences. interactive learning.

Treion Muller, the new Chief Solutions Architect at eLearning Brothers, joins the eLearning Brothers team to lead the strategic learning plan. Treion has nearly 20 years of experience in innovation, development, design, digital transformation and strategy development in the learning and development arena with some of the world’s largest L&D players.

The strategic learning plan has 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1. Evaluate – We start with an assessment of your existing training plan, offerings and technologies and identify training needs, goals and behavior change gaps.
  • STEP 2. Architect – We design a personalized learning plan for your specific training needs and goals based on what is discovered. This includes selecting the right solutions, technologies, partnerships and a modern learning approach.
  • STEP 3. Activate – We launch your modern apprenticeship training solutions, accountability processes and success tracking system to ensure your goals are met.

Implementing the Strategic Learning Blueprint changes behaviors, reduces training costs and achieves a measurable return on investment. You then empower the learning rockstars for your organization.

Organizations can contact eLearning Brothers to schedule a FREE strategy session.

About eLearning Brothers

eLearning Brothers is a leader in learning technology solutions that empower organizations to meet performance and development challenges. The company offers a one-stop shop for the development and delivery of learning, ranging from strategic consulting and personalized learning development to content libraries and development tools, all combined with an easy-to-use platform for the delivery and monitoring of learning. eLearning Brothers helps everyone create and deliver measurable and exciting learning experiences.

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