Damien Hirst The Motto NFT Art Sale

If Yayoi Kusama is the polka dot queen, then visual artist Damien Hirst must be the king. His hand-painted dot works are well known in the contemporary art scene and are now available in an NFT collection to be offered through the HENI Art Sales Center.

Hirst’s NFT sale will offer 10,000 of his stippled and signed works in a drop called “The Currency”. Each physical painting has a corresponding NFT for which buyers must register to purchase. If accepted, NFTs will cost them $2,000 per coin with a range of credits and options to buy crypto available.

Those who copied any of the Hirst NFTs will receive them on July 29, with the option to redeem them for physical work by Damien Hirst as early as September. The offer is open until July 27, 2022 and upon purchase, the original NFTs will be destroyed.

This option makes those hesitant to enter the crypto and NFT market a bit more open to committing their money to blockchain valuation. Watch Hirst explain the currency’s NFT offering in the following video and get the full scoop at HENI.

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