Center rejects Lutyens suggestions by Delhi Urban Art Commission

The Center rejected the Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) recommendation to exclude certain areas of Delhi city from Lutyens and asked it to reconsider the proposed boundary and development guidelines for the Lutyens bungalow area. (LZB), the Delhi High Court announced on Tuesday. DUAC told the tribunal that a meeting will be held on Thursday to discuss the issues raised by the Center.

Judge Rekha Palli, while listing a question to be heard on October 18, said DUAC is expected to review the questions posed by the Center and consider whether any of the questions already have “a full answer in their report. “.

Finding that the core areas of major cities around the world are dominated by open spaces and low-density development, which have unique historical significance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs asked DUAC if it had undertaken a study. depth of these similar areas. worldwide. The ministry also said that Lutyens’ Delhi has a unique character and any changes due to these recommendations could affect its character and lead to a higher population density. He raised questions about the recommendations.

The court had previously ordered the DUAC to forward the guidelines on the boundaries and development of the LZB, which were amended in 2019, to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for decision and also ordered the ministry to pronounce in particular on the recommendation of the Commission to exclude certain areas – Jor Bagh, Golf Links, Sunder Nagar, Bengali Market, Ashoka Road, Mandir Marg, Panchsheel Marg, Sardar Patel Marg and Chanakyapuri – from LZB.

The bench adopted the order in a batch of petitions filed by landowners and residents of areas who wish to reconstruct or make changes to existing buildings – such changes are not allowed under development standards in the area. The petitioners had said earlier that the Commission made recommendations in 2016, but those were referred by the department to make certain corrections.

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