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Art-Invest Real Estate acquires the Victoria Center in Berlin from Stenprop | News

Art-Invest Real Estate buys a €37.4 million German shopping center from Stenprop. Stenprop, which plans to become a UK-based multi-tenant industrial property company, said it has sold the Victoria Center in Berlin to the Art-Invest Real Estate fund. The 13,718 m² asset is let to eight tenants. The disposal price represents the carrying value of […]

How to buy art, invest in cheaper masterpieces from a 20 year old collector

Investing in art, long considered an exclusive business for the ultra-rich, is being democratized by a startup called Masterworks. The platform allows people to buy “stocks” of paintings that would individually cost several million dollars. Founder Scott Lynn brought 20 years of art collecting experience to the company and shared his advice for potential investors […]

Reviews | Want to get rich by buying art? Invest in women

When asked about discrimination against women artists, abstract expressionist Lee Krasner said the prejudice is as old as Judeo-Christian history. Dismissing the weight of that realization, she added, “I can’t do anything about these 5,000 years.” She paints anyway, as do women throughout the ages who have continued to create despite official disdain. Centuries and […]

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