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NEW ULM – Brown County Commissioners unanimously approved a mezzanine roof replacement quote for the Brown County Historical Society (BCHS) museum on Tuesday.

The action came on a motion by Commissioner Scott Windschitl, seconded by Dean Simonsen to accept the $ 22,500 quote from Sandmann Roofing Systems for the mezzanine roof replacement. The BCHS approved the allocation of $ 10,000 for the estimate on May 10. Quote is preferred because it comes with a 10-year waterproof warranty, which the BCHS board says is worth the slightly higher price tag.

Gag Sheet Metal Inc. offered $ 21,650 with a standard 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. Laraway Roofing bid $ 21,142 for the project with a 15 year warranty on the contractor’s labor and materials.

“It’s an expensive old building, but I think it needs to be done. I think this is a reasonable request and the businesses are local ”, Windschitl said.

“If we don’t do this, we could face huge costs”, said Commissioner Tony Berg.

The commissioners unanimously approved:

• Declaring Saturday June 19, 2021 Paul W. Wojahn Day in Brown County, motion by Commissioner Dave Borchert, seconded by Windschitl.

“He’s been a rock of the community,” Brown County Veterans Services Officer Greg Peterson said. “He climbed the side of a ship and stormed beaches during WWII. He has more energy than people 40 years younger than him. He did a lot. He was the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) clothing preparer.

Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on August 20, 1942, he made combat landings during World War II in New Guinea, New Britain and the Lalau Islands. He also participated in the Battle of Peleliu and Ryukyu, in Okinawa.

Returning home in late December 1945, he briefly cultivated and operated a crawler excavator. A Minnesota conservation officer for 25 years, he imposed hunting, fishing, trapping, recreational vehicles, state parks, and the harvest of wild rice. In addition, he has taught firearm safety courses to youth and adults.

In retirement, he drove veterans to medical appointments in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, helped build the Brown County Veterans Memorial, served as the commanding officer of the local American Disabled Veterans Chapter ( DAV) and volunteered to collect donations.

Wojahn’s birthday party is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 19 at Oak Haven Campground in Finstad, 58167 428th Lane, New Ulm.

Peterson said the new Ulm Battery and Marine Corps. The League plans to attend the event.

• A grant agreement for remote electronic blood alcohol monitoring for the fiscal year 2022-2023 between the County of Brown and the Department of Corrections of the State of Minnesota, motion of Commissioner Borchert, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Veerkamp.

Brown County will receive up to $ 13,000 for the daily costs of monitoring and installing DWI offenders in fiscal years 2022 and 2023.

• Authorize the purchase of a Motorola APX 600 portable radio and two Motorola APX 4000 models with accessories to replace the portable emergency management radios, motion by Commissioner Borchert, seconded by Simonsen.

Three existing portable radios will be decommissioned, deemed surplus and transferred to the Brown County Public Health Department and Heartland Express.

The purchase would come from funds in the Emergency Management Account and would be applied to a matching grant.

• Authorize Brown County Emergency Management to place a county-wide order for 800mHz radios for New Ulm, Springfield and Comfrey, motion of Borchert, seconded by Berg.

As of May 26, 2021, the estimate for the radio draft was $ 350,815.63. The estimated cost of programming / reprogramming should not exceed $ 10,000.

In consultation with Alpha Wireless, a reduced programming / reprogramming rate has been determined.

A total of 101 portable radios and six mobile radios, as well as chargers, lavalier microphones and spare batteries have been ordered. Almost all of the old radios would be reassigned to other agencies in the county or city.

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