Artist brings back popular zine culture


The revolutionary movements that arose in the 60s and 70s made self-printed publications to communicate with people. One of the most popular self-printed brochures is called zines. It is a self-published work that includes texts and images. Although zines are popular in the West, India, only a few have adopted it. Arvind Sundar, a former professor at Loyola College, is now popularizing zine culture among young people. “Zine is similar to the citizen journalism movement. It is a safe and independent platform for expression. A zine can be made using A4 paper – you should make a master copy and get a few photocopies as needed. Usually the zine will have eight pages. While I was working at Loyola College, to present and popularize zine culture among students, I created a zine club, ”says Arvind Sundar.

A full-time artist, Arvind has produced fanzines for CN Annadurai, Vladimir Lenin and BR Ambedkar. “For the CN Annadurai zine, I added his quotes. Until the 90s, we had kaiyezhuthu pathirikai (handwritten magazines) in Tamil Nadu. But after the development of technology, this culture disappeared. By reintroducing fanzines, I wanted people to express their thoughts freely, ”he adds.

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