Art sale on Saturday for the benefit of primary school children

Artist Ciara O’Flynn (courtesy photo)

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IPSWICH – A local artist will hold a sale on Saturday to help raise funds for the McAdams Wishing Well.

A recent fine arts graduate from Wesleyan University, Ciara O’Flynn will show jewelry, candles and other gifts on Saturday afternoon.

The sale will be organized by Zumi’s. O’Flynn will donate 10% of proceeds to the McAdams Foundation, and Zumi’s will match the donation. “It’s a way of giving back to the community,” she says.

Mainly a painter, she said she would sell the small items on Saturday. “My paintings don’t really match Zumi’s,” she noted.

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Artist in residence at Paul F. Doyon Elementary School, she also works at Betsy Frost Design on Market Street.

The fund was created in honor of Sheila McAdams, who retired as Principal of Winthrop at the end of the last school year.

McAdams said kids should feel like they belong, but teachers “often notice small inequities that can start to erode a child’s self-esteem.”

These can include “not having a bathing suit for the day at the beach, noticing that your friends have new clothes but you don’t, seeing your peers sign up for a sport after school when your family doesn’t don’t have the funds.”

“These needs were noticed and the children were cared for by Sheila and her teachers for many years, supporting students and their families in non-traditional ways,” the foundation’s website said.

The McAdams Wishing Well was created to support these children in elementary schools across the city, according to the group’s website.

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