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Art Market ALLOWS students and the MICA community to create and sell art while gaining work experience. Art Market OFFERS a stage to showcase and support scholarships and entrepreneurs. Art Market CREATES a thriving arts community in Baltimore.

Due to the MICA Operational Mode 4 Campus Visitors Policy, there will be no MICA 2021 Art Market.

MICA Art Market is a four story holiday market that offers over 275 of MICA’s top students, alumni, faculty and staff the opportunity to sell their works of art, crafts, and crafts during a four-day public event on the MICA campus. 15% of all sales fund MICA scholarships for returning undergraduates.

MICAmade Marketplace – an online marketplace for the MICA community

The MICAmade team is very happy to invite you to explore and shop on the MICAmade Market! The MICAmade Marketplace is an online marketplace for the vibrant and vibrant community of students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the Maryland Institute College of Art.

By launching the MICAmade Market, we create a space at the intersections between commerce, art, design and culture. As we grow and evolve, we strive to increase the number of participating artists and creators and make the platform accessible to the entire Baltimore arts and culture community.

For more information consult the MICAmade Market in line!

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