Ann Arbor Public Art Commission names winners of Golden Paintbrush Awards

ANN ARBOR, MI — The Ann Arbor Public Art Commission has named its four winners for the 2021 Golden Paintbrush Awards.

“It’s really exciting to be able to bring this award back and exemplify the value of public art at such a pivotal time,” said Sarah Fuller, vice chair of the Ann Arbor Public Art Commission. “This award allows the community to have a voice that is important to us. As the art commission helps foster new work, we are able to take this knowledge forward directly to the public. »

The winners of this year’s Paintbrush Awards are artists and organizations that have created artwork in the Ann Arbor area. The 2021 Golden Paintbrush Award winners and their winning work include:

Ann Arbor Art Center for the A2AC Murals project and the ArtBox program

A2AC Murals is the culmination of pairing downtown building and business owners with local, regional and national artists who transform building walls into expressions of their artistic talent. This allows community members and visitors to appreciate public art.

“Singing in the Rain” mural by David Zinn

Artist David Zinn has created a mural of a scene from the movie “Singing in the Rain,” where Gene Kelly sings, dances and swings from a lamp post in the rain. It created the illusion of a real lamppost on the sidewalk. Zinn has been creating original artwork in and around Ann Arbor since the 1980s, according to the Zinn Art website.

Youth Art Month installations in accordance with Ann Arbor Public Schools

Youth Art Month is an annual celebration in March that promotes art and arts education for all young people. YAM helps connect the community to the creativity of its young people to show the importance of encouraging art and innovation.

City of Ann Arbor “I Voted” Stickers

The Ann Arbor City Clerk’s Office, with support from the Ann Arbor Public Art Commission, found local artists, including students, to design the city’s “I Voted” stickers in 2020.

To see images of the winners’ works, go here. A virtual tour of the city’s public art is available here.

Winners of the Golden Paintbrush Awards are nominated by community members to honor the creativity of local artists and organizations that have contributed to the beauty and culture of Ann Arbor through public art, Fuller said. The Public Art Commission hopes to continue the Golden Paintbrush Awards each year, she added.

The Public Art Commission invites Ann Arbor residents to vote for their favorite work of art among the four winners. The most voted piece will be recognized as the Golden Paintbrush Community Voice Pick. Voting will end on Friday, March 11. A closing time must be announced. To vote, go here.


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