Andres Valencia, the 10-year-old child who is thrilling the art market

Andres Valencia names Pablo Picasso, George Condo and Jean Michel Basquait among the artists who inspire him the most Image: Chase Contemporary

Jhe art market has always loved young prodigies. And the last in line seems to be Andres Valencia. This 10-year-old American is represented by the influential Chase Contemporary gallery, and has exhibited his work at the Art Miami art fair. His career will take a new step on June 21, when one of his paintings will go under the hammer at Phillips in Hong Kong.

A breath of fresh air will blow over the next Phillips sale in Hong Kong thanks to Andres Valencia, the (very) young American artist who has become the new darling of contemporary art in recent months. One of his paintings, “Ms. Cube”, will be auctioned alongside creations by KAWS, Banksy, Anish Kapoor and George Condo. It’s estimated to fetch HK$200,000-400,000 (US$25,900-51,000) — as much as late Korean artist Kim Tschang-Yeul’s “Recurrence CTM818.”

So how could his works have been worth so much? “Ms. Cube” is one of Andres Valencia’s most famous paintings. It was recently exhibited at the 2022 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair in Miami. This painting was also featured on the poster announcing the young figurative artist’s participation in Art Miami the previous year. During this artistic event, Andres Valencia sold all of his paintings on display, including one to Jordan Belfort, the former trader who inspired Martin Scorsese’s film “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

A future big name in contemporary art?

But the American stockbroker is not the only one to have acquired works by Andres Valencia in recent months. Actors Sofia Vergara, Channing Tatum and Brooke Shields all have works by the prepubescent painter in their collections. The enthusiasm is such that the Chase Contemporary gallery has decided to represent this 10-year-old American boy, whom some media are even hailing as the next Picasso. The Spanish master is indeed one of the inspirations of Andres Valencia, in the same way as George Condo and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Indeed, the young boy began to paint at the age of six, after watching a documentary on the enfant terrible of contemporary art. He has since perfected his figurative style, halfway between surrealism and cubism, as well as his working method.

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Like many artists, Andres Valencia has his own particular routine. “I paint in small pieces. I work on it for an hour or two. Then I’ll do something else. I’ll come back to it the next day and keep adding more… You can express your feelings and everything on the canvas,” he told the Miami Herald. He creates his colorful works standing on a stepladder in his family’s home in San Diego, California either silently or with music in the background. His favorite artists include Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Michael Jackson and the Beatles.

While we’ll have to wait until June 21 to find out what the price of ‘Mrs. Cube’ will be, Andres Valencia’s career shows no signs of slowing down. His first solo exhibition will open in New York on June 23. The name of the exhibition is “No Rules”. Art lovers will be able to discover around thirty paintings made by the artist over the past two years, when he is not at school, like other children of his age, or when he is playing outside. with his friends. Still, Andres Valencia stands out from his peers. The 10-year-old boy does not hide his desire to become a world famous celebrity. And he is clearly well on his way to achieving that goal.

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