5th BAAM Art Market held at The Philbrook Place

BETHEL — The fifth BAAM (Bethel Area Arts and Music) Art Market was held in the parking lot of The Philbrook Place on Saturday.

Kate Webb, BAAM Coordinator, said: “The BAAM Art Market was born out of the pandemic. We wanted to provide an opportunity for local artists who may have struggled during the pandemic to sell their work. We didn’t want to hold the big art fair on the township while Covid was still rampant, so we opted for a smaller affair that was more tied to downtown Bethel.”

Artists selling their wares were Puzzle Mountain Glassworks; Mattie Rose Art; Repent! bins; Photographer Rex Holsapple; artist, Jane E. Hathaway; Artwork by Andrew Hoagland; Shipyard sculptures; clothing for artists on the move; Heather Carver and Friends; YOUuniquely MEcycled; Apple Shade Woodworks; ME Colby: and Mt. Crescent Crafts.

The musicians who played for an hour each were: jazz pianist, Izzy Chase; blues guitarist, Maya Best; singer-songwriter Joy Paris; singer/guitarist Lindsy Anne; Singer, Ainsley Rosenberg-Brown; and Singer, mandolin player, guitarist, Tony Garcia.

Last year they held two fairs in the summer and one on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. “We played with the weather and had to close early because of the cold.” This year they plan to hold a winter market at the Bethel Inn Event Center on Saturday November 26 and are looking for artists and artisans to join.

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