Month: October 2021

Rugby player turned collector organizes contemporary African art sale for Sotheby’s London

Maro Itoje has organized a selection of contemporary works of art, mainly works depicting black subjects, for the Sotheby’s sale in London from November 4-10. Courtesy of Sotheby’s Text size Maro Itoje, an English rugby player who has collected African art since 2014, has organized an edition of portraits of contemporary African artists and works […]

Japanese Art Commission Platform CEO Skeb warns of misinformation around NFTs – Interest

Kazunari Kida expressed concern that artists may misunderstand DFTs as a form of art ownership The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) boom has accelerated in the anime and manga industries in recent months, but the practice of tying art to NFTs has also raised concerns in art communities about Potential scams, money laundering and their environmental impact. […]

Mass Effect’s Garrus Is Cooler Than Ever In Epic Comic Art Commission

A new character portrayal from comedic artist Declan Shalvey makes Mass Effect’s Garrus cooler than ever, as the spear watches fans. Everyone’s favorite spear, Garrus Vakarian from the hit video game series Mass Effect, just received new art from acclaimed comic book artist Declan Shalvey. In the past, Shalvey has worked with Image Comics and […]

Travel Japan to Bonhams Tradition Japanese Art Sale Travel and Transition in London

London – The fascination with Japan as a travel destination speaks to many. Before the world was ready for tourism again, Bonhams assembled a collection of Japanese prints capturing the most scenic, albeit uncrowded and secluded sides, from Japan to the 20e century. This collection of Shin Hanga (New Print) by Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) spans […]

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